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First Release! Gakuen Nightmare!

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Hello people~

This is Fennec Scans first manga release! All of us have been anticipating our first release and we all hope that you will enjoy this series. So here it is! Scanlated by Fennec Scans is Gakuen Nightmare by Houjyou Yutori! ^^

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Say Hello to The Fennec’s mascot! It’s not perfect but it’s cute! I have decided to call it Fenne so cheers to our guardian mascot! ^w^
May it grow into an honorable guardian as our group gets bigger! 🙂

Demon Sins

In the dark of night, there is a bursting flare of flames upon a mountain top. The flames burst and roars as it burns down a village that has been shrouded by a great forest. A man is silently walking down the mountain’s path. He holds an unsheathed sword that drips with blood. The scent is caught by a pack of wolves whose arrival did not falter the man. The man continues to tread upon his path while the wolves growled and gets ready to pounce. The man tightens the grip upon his sword and slightly lifts his head. Although his face is still shadowed by the dark of night, a red glint from his left eye reveals his demonic glare at the ones who blocks his path. The growls of the wolves turns into whimpers as they flee from the presence of the man, who continues to tread down his path of carnage.

If Interested, head to the Writer’s Den tab to find out more about the story.

Chapter 1

Morning rose in a village near the mountainside and the villagers are out and about doing their chores and work. A little boy sneakily steals a few food items and stuffs them into his bag. The boy chuckles and proceeds to pull out an apple from today’s steal as he walks near the entrance to the village. He notices a crowd and goes to investigate…. Continue reading the Story by going to the Writer’s Den and clicking Demon Sins Chapter 1 link.