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New OMAF release~~~


Here’s the new chapter to OMAF! There’s a lot of history in this chapter and it gave our translator a run around researching about all of it! Please do enjoy the chapter~

On a side note, our Studio Productions project are underway. Anyone interested in those projects do check out our list of studio projects.


Hatenkou Yuugi Double Chapter Release~


Here’s the new HY chapter~

Sorry it took so long. When I typesetted it I noticed that chapter 97 had an extra chapter attached, so it ended up being a double release since chapter 97 is cut short due to the extra. Hope you enjoy! :3

HY 97 | HY 97.5

Trauma Chapter~


Here’s another chapter of Trauma~

It took a while and the same with the next chapter since our Translator will be out until mid January o3o~

Trauma 4