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Double Release~

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Here’s a double release from Fennec Scans! Stuff has been busy and our staff has been busy as well. We’re in need of some more cleaners and typesetters, so if you know anyone who can help please refer them to us! >.<

Trauma 5 | OMAF 8

New Hatenkou Yuugi Release~~~


Hey hey hey~
Here’s chapter 98! This seems more of a buffer chapter so not much actually happens. But hey Kotetsu makes an appearance in an unusual for lol. We’ll be calling Kotetsu “Small Steel” since that’s what it can translate to. :3

Ch 98

GN Release~

GN Header

Hey hey, long time no release~

So here’s GN Ch5! Our next release will be Hatenkou Yuugi!

Enjoy and look forward to our future releases! ^w^/

GN 5