Sadly this was expected…


So basically, I don’t have the amount of time nor energy to give to scans like I’ve did in the past. With over a year of inactivity and constantly wanting to still hold onto the hope that I can at least finish up the scans, I have to sadly say that I cannot. Right now I’m in that hectic mess of what am I doing with my life and it’s pretty unstable right now so I cannot dedicate time towards scans. So I apologize but I guess this is an overdue announcement, but Fennec Scans is officially saying good-bye to you all and the scans that we have.

If any scan group or anybody wants to pick up our series do Contact Us I will either give you some translations/cleans/raws we have or appoint you to someone else who has them and is willing to share.

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  1. Sorry to hear that, but best of luck to you going forward!

  2. Very sad to hear that the Fennec team will be ending the translations. But we can understand that life gets in the way of things. It’s hard, so we really appreciated the amount of effort that you and the Fennec team have dedicated to the translations that you have completed! Thank you so much for everything! Best wish to the team for future endeavors, and just for life in general ^_^

  3. thanks for the update! i’m sorry to hear that, life’s like that. but maybe in the future, you can still do it, if you want to. God knows what the future holds, right? All the best to ya!

  4. i always admirer with u guys who doing really amazing work, n somebody like me just can do say Big Thank You, as long as u all keep healty n dont say goodbye, all the best for u ❤ fighting

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