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Very Lucky~ Fennec Scans Last Hurrah ^^

I am very grateful to the comments I’ve received about the group retiring. This must be good karma from all you wonderful fans because we happen to have the next chapters of HY and OMAF!

Also I did plan to upload on but it won’t let me. If someone can, please upload and share this with other fans. >-<

The chapter links are below and Thank You all from being wonderful fans of these series!

HY 104


Sadly this was expected…


So basically, I don’t have the amount of time nor energy to give to scans like I’ve did in the past. With over a year of inactivity and constantly wanting to still hold onto the hope that I can at least finish up the scans, I have to sadly say that I cannot. Right now I’m in that hectic mess of what am I doing with my life and it’s pretty unstable right now so I cannot dedicate time towards scans. So I apologize but I guess this is an overdue announcement, but Fennec Scans is officially saying good-bye to you all and the scans that we have.

If any scan group or anybody wants to pick up our series do Contact Us I will either give you some translations/cleans/raws we have or appoint you to someone else who has them and is willing to share.

This is a testing post

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8 Chapters Release!!!

Not gonna bother putting up an image this time XD
It took a while but yes! The chapters are ready and they are here! I’m gonna be busy with uni since first day of instruction is tomorrow. ;w;

So this will be the main release until the next break time I get! (Spring Break is the next major one). I’m gonna focus on getting the Studio Projects done since that has been on the back burner for way too long.

So without further ado here are the chapters! I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

GN 14.1 | GN 14.2 | OMAF 10 | OMAF 11 | OMAF 12 | OMAF 13 | HY 102 | HY 103

Gakuen Nightmare Main Story Release!

GN Header

So this is the release of Gakuen Nightmare. The main story is completed here and we learn about what Netlore Collectors really are! :3
Thank you for reading and enjoy the chapters~
Some extra chapters will be released at a later date! 🙂

Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14

We’re Still Alive Release~ lol

So here’s the Triple Release as promised! ^^
So here are the releases we’ve stocked up. Further releases as said will primarily focus on GN since its translations are all done. Also the links to the downloads have been embedded into the pictures above and it’s what I’ll do from now on hehe~

Getting back on our feet~

We are slowly getting back on our feet with some scans ready to be released. We will be releasing them this weekend for Gakuen Nightmare, Trauma Ryoushi Kesshou, and Hatenkou Yuugi so look forward to them ^^.

A whole lot of us are busy so we’ll be doing irregular releases after this weekend’s release. After this release we will primarily focus on Gakuen Nightmare releases until we can get some more translators.

Our Voice Comic Projects are making some progress as well but there is still a long ways to go until we can release.

A thank you to those of you who’ve stayed with us and a special thanks to the ones that donated! ^w^
I will make sure to find a translator for Hatenkou Yuugi so that your donations weren’t for naught! >:

Group’s Situation

Hey guys, long time no update. I’m updating now because our group has just cut a lot of members due to their busy schedules. If anyone out there can help out or know of someone who can help out feel free to contact us either through PM or our website.
We are primarily in need of Japanese and Chinese (traditional & simplified) Translators as well as Cleaners/Redrawers.

Current Updates on Series:

GN: Will be finished. Whole series has been translated.
HY: We have bought the new volume, but our translator will be leaving right after we finish the current one.
Trauma: All members on this project is pretty much staying.
OMAF: All members are practically gone and is danger of being dropped.

Gakuen Nightmare~


New GN chapter! This was suppose to be uploaded yesterday but my Internet got cut off so I couldn’t upload it ^^;;
Anyway enjoy this new chapter! :3

GN 9

Release Time!


Here’s a new chapter of Gakuen Nightmare :3

GN 8