Fennec Scans


So our group has been on and off for a while because of personal and private life reasons (School). The group will now be a “seasonal” group. Therefore we only work during times when our schools have break and occasionally when we have free time during the school year. We will have releases primarily on Winter Break  (Mid-December and Mid January) and Summer (June and July).

  1. Hello, I wanted to thank this group for translating my favorite manga of all! Thank you so much. I would like to ask if you are still working on it or dropped the series (or if I could buy the english version somewhere?). I’m willing to donate money if you need it to purchase the manga or anything, though as a student I don’t have much money. Again, thank you for everthing you’ve done already.

    • Hi Laura,
      This group hasn’t been active for an entire year, so I’m just assuming that they’re dead. They pop out of no where from time to time, so… sadly, I don’t think they’re continuing the project.

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