Trauma Returns~


After many months Trauma gets a new update! A new, fun character appears in this chapter and we get to see the fourth wall break 🙂

Chapter 6

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Here’s a we’re back Hatenkou Yuugi Release! The series is really starting to pick up on what happened 14  years ago! Only 2 more chapters till the end of Volume 14, so we’re going to need donations or a raw provider for Volume 15 to continue scanlating.

Ch 100

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Hey guys we have a double release! I’m starting to get really busy with Finals coming up so the next release will probably take a month or so. >.<

GN 7 | OMAF 9

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Hey guys, so we’re back with a double release! Sorry for not releasing something for over a month! Stuff has just been hectic and it still is although I’m able to slowly get back on track. Anyways enjoy these new releases!

HY 99GN 6

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Here’s a double release from Fennec Scans! Stuff has been busy and our staff has been busy as well. We’re in need of some more cleaners and typesetters, so if you know anyone who can help please refer them to us! >.<

Trauma 5 | OMAF 8

New Hatenkou Yuugi Release~~~


Hey hey hey~
Here’s chapter 98! This seems more of a buffer chapter so not much actually happens. But hey Kotetsu makes an appearance in an unusual for lol. We’ll be calling Kotetsu “Small Steel” since that’s what it can translate to. :3

Ch 98

GN Release~

GN Header

Hey hey, long time no release~

So here’s GN Ch5! Our next release will be Hatenkou Yuugi!

Enjoy and look forward to our future releases! ^w^/

GN 5

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Here’s the new chapter to OMAF! There’s a lot of history in this chapter and it gave our translator a run around researching about all of it! Please do enjoy the chapter~

On a side note, our Studio Productions project are underway. Anyone interested in those projects do check out our list of studio projects.


Hatenkou Yuugi Double Chapter Release~


Here’s the new HY chapter~

Sorry it took so long. When I typesetted it I noticed that chapter 97 had an extra chapter attached, so it ended up being a double release since chapter 97 is cut short due to the extra. Hope you enjoy! :3

HY 97 | HY 97.5

Trauma Chapter~


Here’s another chapter of Trauma~

It took a while and the same with the next chapter since our Translator will be out until mid January o3o~

Trauma 4